Kerala Floods – #StandWithKerala

Kerala has faced the largest flood in recent times. The government is doing their bit for providing relief to the affected area. Every help and support of everyone is needed to provide more relief. Let’s come together and help our countrymen to #rebuildKerala

Help Kerala flood victims:

To contribute material 

Most needed items:
Bedsheets, Sleeping mats, Blankets, Nighties, Lungi, Bathing towel (Thorthu), Rusk (No Bread), Biscuits (No cream biscuits), Water (ONLY 20 Liter cans ), Rice, Sugar, Salt,Milk powder, Pulses, Curry masalas, Oil, spices,tea/coffee powder, RS packets/ electrolytes, water purifying chlorine, tablets, Dettol, First aid kit, Mosquito repellents/Odomos, Anti Septic lotion, Antifungal powder, Bleaching powder/ lime powder, Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Body soap, Washing Soap, Candles, Matchbox.

How to contribute to CM’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF)

Contribution can be made directly by going to or

* The payment procedure is simple, secure and easy

*Once you log on to the website, click on the donate menu and fill the Online Donation Form.

* Basic information like email Id, name and phone number will be asked.


Contribution can be made via PayTM by going to PayTM

*Once you visit the link, Donation to field will be pre-filled with Kerala CM’s Distress Relief Fund

* Fill in your name and amount

* Pay using your PayTM account


Contribution can be made via Bank Transfers 

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