Winters are coming #donate

Thanks to Karmastic all of you, we raised more than 1.25 Lakhs (INR) for providing oxygen relief by supporting Hemkunt foundation for corona.

Now on to our next initiative. Winters would be here soon! we are planning to distribute room heaters & insulated flask to the less-privileged. Earn your karma, be Karmastic! We are in process of procuring 50 room heaters and 30 hot water flasks for the distribution (Illustrative images below).

room heaters for donation     


Donate for winters and help bring warmth to fellow humans.  Like always we will post the update on procurement and distribution on this page. If you are interested to join/ contribute reach out to / 9911 091 091

And, for any donation of INR 2500 or above for the cause, I’ll open up my calendar for the weekends to catch up with anyone who wishes to connect to discuss product management, bounce off ideas, or general chitchat. Just paste the screenshot of your donation in the comments section below / reach out to me for the meeting invite.


Update: 09.11.2021 : We are delighted to procure 60 heaters for distribution. Go Karmastic !

Karmastic Winter 21 donation dr


Update: 12.11.2021 : And today we started the distribution. Go Karmastic!

Go karmastic - winter distribution

Update: 14.12.2021: Distribution of 40 heaters done. Priceless smiles. Go Karmastic !

Update: 24.12.2021: Distribution of all 60 heaters done. Go Karmastic !

Thanks for the overwhelming support to this campaign. See you soon with our next campaign.

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